Academic Collaborators

Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai

Ramnarain Ruia college and Central Dogma Pvt Ltd have established collaboration for skill development training and collaborative research in new applied fields of biosciences like Bioanalytical, Biotheraputics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics.

Through this joint ventures, multiple workshops are being organized in the laboratory facilities of RRC and Central Dogma. Collaborative research activities between Ruia faculty members and Central Dogma’s team are also on-going.

K.I. T.’s college of Engineering, Kolhapur

Central Dogma Pvt Ltd has established a collaboration with K.I. T.’s college of Engineering, Kolhapur for skill development training and research for undergraduate (B.E) and post graduate (M.E) students.
Through this interaction, KIT students are availing the facilities and expertise of Central Dogma for their research work. Undergraduate and post graduate students are carrying out their short term and long term projects in the facility of Central Dogma. Students are also being trained for industry specific wet lab skill sets as well as the workshops on niche areas like biopharmaceutical regulatory affairs, documentation needs of GMP etc which is boosting their curriculum with industry focus.
Both the organizations are in joint venture for the research and training in various domains of applied biotechnology like molecular biology, genetics, pharmaceutical biotechnology and biochemical engineering .

 Industrial Collaborators

1. Rapture Biotech, Noida

Modules offered through collaboration  with Rapture
Microbiology (Basic Camp Module 2)
Molecular Techniques (Basic Camp Module 4)
Food Technology (Basic Camp Module 6)
Biochemistry (Basic Camp Module 7)
Enzymology (Basic Camp Module 8)
Industrial Microbiology (Adv Camp Module 3)
Molecular Biology (Adv Camp Module 5)
Food Industries: Quality analysis and control Skills (Adv Camp Module 9)
Medical Microbiology (Adv Camp Module 12)
2. RASA Life Science Informatics, Pune

3. Labcode Pvt. Ltd, Pune