Biotechnology is an empirical field and practical experience is utmost necessary for understanding the principle and working of particular technique or an instrument as well as trouble shooting. Although, graduates and post graduates in biotechnology / life sciences acquire good theoretical knowledge during their academic course work, the hands on training in various techniques is limited and hence are not directly employable in the industry.

logoCentralDogma Pvt Ltd provides a platform to undergraduate and post graduate students/faculties and professionals in Biotechnology and various branches of life sciences to gain industry specific skill development through short term and long term Hands-on trainings. The major aim of these “finish school” trainings is to offer thorough knowledge and resources which help to gain expertise in various wet lab techniques used in biotechnology field and also enhance the trouble shooting capabilities. The expertise gained through such trainings can help an individual to establish the career both in the biotech industry and academia.

In addition to skill based trainings, short term projects which are part of bachelor’s and master’s program in various curricula are being conducted in the laboratory facility of the company. The project encompass various aspects like design, execution, literature review, report/thesis writing and presentation.

Dr Anjali Apte-Deshpande who is the founder/director of the company is involved in consultancy related to biopharma product development, Intellectual property management and research guidance.
In nut shell our company offers

  • On-site and In-house skill development trainings with emphasis on practical training in various techniques used in Biotechnology industry (molecular biology, protein expression, analytical methods) and academics.
  • On-site skill development class room workshops covering topics specific to biopharma industry like Regulatory requirements during product development and approval process, GMP, Documentation and dossier filing for product approval and method development and validation.
  • Expertise to clone and express desired gene in bacterial and yeast expression systems either through in-house production or on-site consultation
  • Consultancy for biotechnology laboratory set up and Bachelor’s and Master’s course design and execution with biopharma industry focus.
  • Consultancy related to Intellectual property management in Biotechnology which includes
    • Review and relevant inputs on projects/proposals in the field of Biotechnology that are submitted to customers or various government and other organization for funding
    • Guidance in drafting and reviewing scientific articles for peer reviewed journals
    • Guidance related to patent filing which includes technical writing and review