Dissertation Project

Central Dogma conducts projects for

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s dissertation
  • Research project for hands-on skill building (as part of MS/PhD assistance program for prospective applicants applying in India/ Abroad)

Domain Areas:

rDNA Technology

  • Cloning and expression of recombinant protein
  • Recombinant protein purification and activity
  • Fusion protein expression (along with cloning)
  • Cloning and expression of antibiotic resistance gene
  • Optimization of fermentation conditions for recombinant protein expression using shake flask method (optimization of media, seed culture age, inducer, induction time etc)
  • Expression and purification of industrially important enzyme
  • Expression of recombinant bacterial enzyme

Population genetics: Genotyping and SNP analysis


  • Isolation and identification of industrially important microbes from enviorment
  • Study of antimicrobial activity from plant source
  • Enzyme production from microbes at lab scale and enzyme activity analysis

Food Technology:

  • Biochemical analysis and comparison of different food/juice/soft drink/Milk
  •  Microbiological analysis of food samples and method development and validation for identification specific food contaminating microbes


  • Analysis of plant extracts (Biochemical/ TLC/ Microbial)
  • Extraction of phyotochemicals from plant source and comparitive analysis

Duration of the project: Can be 5-6 months or 3-4 months

For 6 months project:

  • Training before initiation of  project: 3-4 weeks depending upon chosen project
  • Project work: 3-4 months
  • Thesis/Report drafting:  4-5 week

For 3 months project:

  • Training before initiation of  project: 1-2 weeks depending upon chosen project
  • Project work: 8-10 weeks
  • Thesis/Report drafting:  1-2 week

Project Execution

Project is designed based on the interest of the participant

Participants are expected to do literature review on their own. Guidance is given to carry out literature review.

Participants undergo training with respect to utilization of instruments and are familiarized with laboratory rules, reagent preparation and utilization

All the projects are supervised by the faculty on daily basis

Faculty member updates the participant about his/her progress and also gives suggestions for any improvements to complete the project in timely manner

Faculty member also guides on the documentation/interpretation of the results

Participants are responsible for writing the thesis /dissertation