Teaching Kits

The company is involved in manufacturing of Teaching Kits suitable for academic institutes. The kits are designed based on practical Syllabi of Bachelor’s and Master’s program of Biotechnology and other biology disciplines.
Salient features of the kits
1. Some of the components of the kits are proprietary and are monitored for their quality ( routinely being used in the company lab/company conducted workshops)
2. Technical assistance/ consultation for any issues/queries
3. Training for the kit utilization can be conducted in Central Dogma’s lab with additional cost
4. Competitive prices

Following kits are currently available with (5 and 20 reactions)

Agarose Gel electrophoresis
Plant DNA extraction
Bacterial genomic DNA extraction
Restriction digestion
Plasmid extraction( no column)
Detection of GMO by PCR
Gene Expression
Plasmid DNA cloning
Blue-White screening
Silver staining
Ligation kit
SDS-PAGE with Coomasie staining

For further inquiries please write to us on the e-mail address anjali@centraldogma.co.in or call us