Central Dogma is dedicated to provide in-depth practical knowledge and skill development opportunities  to graduate/postgraduate students and professionals in the field of biotechnology,  microbiology, zoology, biochemistry and related life sciences. The primary goal is to make the individual “Industry ready”.

Short term project training gives a platform to the participant to gain expertise in various techniques. While working on the project for longer duration, the participant can get repeated exposure to various techniques which help in developing expertise and gain confidence to function as an independent researcher. Additionally, it improves analytical capabilities and troubleshooting skills. These projects are mentored by domain experts of Central Dogma who have several years of research experience in academia and industry

Various steps for project completion:DSC_0052
  • Project Design/planning
  • Project execution
  • Dissertation/Report writing
  • Presentation
  • Students in the final year of BE/BTech and ME/MTech/MSc who have industrial project as a part of the curriculum.
  • Students/Researchers/Professionals who have completed graduate and post graduate degrees and would like to build up the hands on skills and improve their employability

Project Duration: 1-6 months