Central Dogma Pvt Ltd also offers On-site biotechnology skill development workshops for biotech, life sciences, microbiology, biochemistry disciplines based on the availability of the facility and required equipments. These short term workshops are conducted for students and faculties as well as for researchers from academia and industry.  All the modules mentioned in the “In-house” category are also offered in on-site training.

Salient features:IMG-20150605-WA0006

  • The modules can be modified as per the need and availability of the space and participants.
  • There is significant saving on the cost and time as participants don’t have to make travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Time flexibility: the duration can be modified as per the availability of participants
  • Participants would be trained in the same atmosphere as their working place so there is a comfort with respect to instrument know how and handling
Course execution:IMG-20150605-WA0015
  • The list of equipments, basic chemicals and consumables that need to be made available by the collaborating institute to run a module will be given to the institute once the mutual agreement is made.
  • CD will bring in specific reagents and fine chemicals based on the module.
  • Collaborating institute would also need to provide laboratory space and utilities for module execution.
  • Every participant would receive the course material which would be proprietary.
  • The participants would maintain a laboratory notebook during the entire training session.