Central Dogma is committed to offer skill building in biotechnology field through both laboratory and class room based trainings. Our mission is to train biotechnology and life science professionals who are interested in establishing their careers as independent researchers. Primary goal is to enhance the practical know how through wet lab based trainings. We offer plethora of wet lab and class room based trainings through short term workshops in our well equipped laboratory in Pune and  advertise it on the website from time to time. Additionally, we do conduct customized In-house workshops for the interested group.

Salient features of the modules

  • The modules are designed and conducted by scientists who have several years of biopharma industry experience.
  • Each practical is initiated with a relevant lecture focusing on understanding of the principles, importance of individual reagent and trouble shooting at various steps.
  • Participants are awarded with certificates after successful completion of the specific module


  • All students who are pursuing or have completed Bsc/MSc/PhD Biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and other fields of life sciences. B Tech/BE/M Tech/ME biotechnology, bioprocess  students who would like to establish careers in biopharma and health care industry
  • Faculty and Research students who would like to broaden their skills in biotechnology field
  • Professionals who would like to boost their careers by advanced skill sets
  • Biotech Industries who would like to enhance the skill sets of their employees


Number of seats: Max 15/batch for practical trainings (as every individual attending the course would be involved in performing experiment) and 20-25 for classroom training.

Wet lab based trainings

Module1: Fundamental techniques in molecular biologybuffer

Duration: 2 days
Plasmid DNA isolation (Alkaline lysis and Kit based)
Restriction digestion and plasmid mapping
Agarose gel electrophoresis
DNA isolation from agarose gel

Module 2: Recombinant DNA technologyRecombinant DNA technology

Duration: 5 Days
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR),
PCR product purification
Digestion of amplicon and vector, ligation and Transformation into competent host
Cloning and recombinant selection

Module 3: Recombinant protein expressionRecombinant protein expression

Duration: 4 Days
Competent cell preparation for expression host
Transformation of recombinant into expression host
Growing recombinants and induction for recombinant protein expression
Bacterial cell harvest and protein expression
Visualization of recombinant protein on SDS-PAGE by staining

Module 4: Fusion protein expressionFusion protein expression

Duration: 8 Days
Preparation of fusion tag
Ligation of Fusion tag and gene of interest in plasmid vector
Transformation of ligated insert into competent host
Selection of recombinants carrying fusion
Growth and induction of recombinants
Cell lysis and fusion protein expression
Analysis on SDS-PAGE

Module 5: Protein purification

Duration: 5 Days
Recombinant protein expression in inclusion bodies/soluble protein
Solubilization of inclusion bodies
Refolding of protein
Purification by chromatography
Analysis of purity by SDS-PAGE

Classroom based trainings

Module 6: Regulatory affairs and understanding GMP

Duration: 2 days
Understanding of regulatory submissions in biotechnology/Phrama industry in India
Role of RCGM
Role of DCGI and drug approvals
GMP requirements for biosimilar production

Module7: GMP requirements and Quality Assurance

Duration: 2 days
Overview of GMP requirements,
Documentation requirement and writing
SOP, STP writing

All the modules mentioned above can be catered/changed based on the need.